Norma Andersen

Norma Andersen

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Some of Norma's original songs previewed

Back in 1991 Norma created "mini samples" of her original songs arranged in the barbershop style.  She also included an indication of required voice ranges for each part, along with a statement about each song.  It was her hope that this information would be helpful in introducing her songs to you.  She added that she did not necessarily arrange for beginning quartets and choruses.  She said they are probably most suited to those groups who attain no less than a C+ contest achievement level.

Remember when Cut and Paste really meant designs were cut out and fastened to a piece of paper?  These were done that way, complete with some showing the original "paste" that I believe was rubber cement.  They have a style that shows her love of flowers.  Her home did, too, complete with a garden window in the kitchen and a giant poppy picture as a theme carried throughout the house.

(slightly cut off: It is a song about lost love.  A lovely song.)

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Norma Andersen's Intentions Are Still (mainly) True

Norma's intentions are still true and underlined.  Obviously some things must change because she is no longer writing and arranging.  Those areas are marked with a star and explained below her statement.
Like Norma I appreciate the ability to relate with groups performing her work.  Royalties for recording and other reproduction can be worked out, just contact me.  Obviously Norma can no longer continue to make arrangements.  IF changes are needed, please contact me and I will either approve it or work with a second party to become a co-arranger.  Some links are already here to sample some of the songs.  Some of Norma's printed samples will be posted as soon as possible.

To obtain the songs and permission to perform them, please contact me directly at, replacing the word "at" with the "@" symbol and putting in the subject line of "Norma Andersen's Music."   My personal work of storytelling comes first, but I will do whatever I can to help you.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

International Permissions

On both pages listing Norma Andersen's songs and arrangements, the following information is given:
To obtain the songs and permission to perform them, please contact me directly at, replacing the word "at" with the "@" symbol and putting in the subject line of "Norma Andersen's Music."   My personal work of storytelling comes first, but I will do whatever I can to help you.

In her lifetime my aunt, Norma Andersen, wanted to spread the love of barbershop music.  As a result she charged only a minimal amount for copies and permission.  I want to see her music remain alive and have agreed to continue making it available, just as she did, to other barbershop groups around the world.  Her copyrights have all been transferred to me.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

That's still true BUT it turns out my bank now charges me an international funds transfer fee! Similarly international groups sometimes prefer PayPal.  PayPal's fee for a business transaction + their fixed fee based on the currency removes even more from the minimal $50 which Norma charged. 

My aunt loved working with barbershop groups around the world, so I will keep to the same minimal amount she charged -- I'm not doing this to fatten my bank account -- but will need to add the amount of any fees to the total.  <sigh!> 

The good news is that the group who didn't have to pay that extra unexpected fee will be singing it all over Australia and Tasmania.  Since Australia is commonly abbreviated Oz by the residents, I'm sure my aunt thinks it's great to have her music heard in Oz!  I look forward to hearing more about how the performances are being received...truly a G'day.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Vibe Quartet -Kiss Me One More Time

SAI Region 2 Quartet Competion Ballad, "Kiss Me One More Time". Arranged by Norma Andersen

The Vibe Quartet also received this amazing comment from music judge, Marge Bailey
“A beautiful ballad - Norma Andersen would be pleased”.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Seeking performances

Because this site was created after the death of Norma Andersen, performances of her songs were lost when her home was cleaned out.  If you have performances and are willing to have them posted here and/or linked to another site, please contact me at, replacing the "at" with the "@" symbol.

UPDATE: offers seven songs: 

Mammy O'Mine The 4th Edition - Naturally!!(LP, Album) Century Advent Recording USR 6010 1973

That's My Mammy (as Norma Andersen) The Tetrachords - Typically Tetrachords(LP, Album) Not On Label MK 97 885 1979

Kiss Me One More Time (as Anderson) 4 For The Show - For Once In Our Lives(LP, Album) Not On Label none 1985

Mammy Medley (as Norma Andersen) The Sounds Of Music* And The Gem City Chapter Chorus* - Double Exposure
Century Advent Recording

Open Your Arms My Alabamy Vagabonds (3) - Just For Vagabond Lovers
Not On Label

Big Bad Bill Is A Sweet William Now (as Anderson) and 1 more… Various - Sweet Adelines Inc 1980 Convention(2xLP, Album) Shelex Records SHX-80-40 Unknown

Kiss Me One More Time (as Andersen) Various - Direct From Vegas(LP, Album) Sweet Adelines, Inc. none Unknown

Additionally offers Barbershop Quartet sheet music of :
No Man Is an Island

Open Your Arms, My Alabamy

I'm Gonna Love That Guy

Old Familiar Faces